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Kacie Faye – Baby Girl Card

A couple of weeks ago my friend Lisa had a very important job to do, and no, it wasn’t making me a cuppa tea (although she totally rocks at that!). Lisa got called to duty as a birthing partner for her sister Ellie.

Throughout the whole day i think i was more excited than she was, texting constantly, demanding updates on contraction lengths and the stages of pain relief. It made Piper’s birth come flooding back to me and that always brings a smile to my face.

Ellie and little Kacie Faye came for a visit today at work and i got a little squish. You really do forget how tiny they are at the start. When I got home tonight, Piper felt bigger than ever before! How do they grow so fast?

So here’s a little card I made for Kacie to welcome her into the world.

Congratulations Ellie and Lance (and Aunty Lisa).x

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