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'One Month' Scrapbook Layout

Happy weekend everyone! Woooohoooo. I love the weekend because it means lots of time with my two favourite people. One with stripy legs and one with denim legs.

This weekend’s project is half crafty & half practical and means that I get to play with my sewing machine…but more about that soon.

I wanted to share a layout which was recently in The Scrapbook Magazine (issue 57). The theme was Art Deco, so i made these little flowers by layering circles on top of each other. I love the way they turned out.

Its hard to believe that this photo was taken almost one year ago exactly. I remember those days vividly. As much as I loved having a newborn in my hands, I am really having lots more fun with a 1 year old. Being able to play together, communicate with one another and share moments which are special for both parties is the best feeling ever!

Todays fun and games – Piper’s first proper bike! Granny Oman send a surprise package in the post (thanks for the happy mail Gran-O) and I spent yesterday evening building the bike so it would be ready for today. When Pi came downstairs this morning she must have sat on my knee for a good few minutes before she started staring over at the bike. Then she turned and made the bunny rabbit sign.

Even though we didn’t have a sunny day we went for a test drive. It was so precious seeing her little smiling face as we were out and about. I think this bike is going to be used a lot!

I love this smile so very, very much!

Have a great weekend!

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