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Things She Says: Scrapbooking Childhood Memories

We’re back! What a fabulous holiday! And look- a project to share.

Admittedly this is an older one, in fact a page which was started on our last trip to Scotland, when I brought some supplies but stoopidly forgot photos! Whoopsie! It didn’t stop me though – i just made the basis of the page and then finished it off when I got home.

With a little child in the house, its amazing to watch them develop each and every day, to look at the way they interpret the world and to see how they change from babies to toddlers just like that.  A few months back I jotted down some of Piper’s attempts at a few words, the ones that we have noticed are a little quirky and have their own unique Piper twist.

These stamps were perfect for this project- and i love that the speech bubbles are really easy to cut out. I am going to be using this set a lot, i can tell!

I stamped the little ‘thats what she said’ stamp all along a piece of vellum to create a border for the project. It too was perfect for this layout – love it when that happens!



To finish the design, I chose to go with clustered embellishment for a fancy, feminine look. Here are some more photos…

Looking back its really hard to imagine being back in that time frame. Piper’s speech is so advanced, even the guys at nursery sing her praises. She plays games with us, pretending to say something wrong and then bursting out into laughter. Even though only a few months have past since this time, you really do forget. And thats why i am so glad that I have made this page.  I hope i remember that pages dont have to be a work of art in order to immortalise those precious little memories from a childhood that passes by too quickly.


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  • Debbie February 11, 2013, 4:56 pm

    What a great page. Love all the little details like arrows, pom pom trim, the bicycle and heart and those little people in the stamps are fabulous.

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