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Birthday Rush & A Crafty Piper :-)

Hey everyone.

Remember me? Im the one who has been absent for months. Whoops. Sorry about that. Im not sure how, but all of a sudden I am back in the crafty mindset. Its one of those ‘don’t-ask-questions-just-run-with-it’ things! Now that the evenings are lighter I am starting to feel like my time after dinner can be used more productively, rather than spending it snuggling under a blanket (which has been my go-to reflex for the past while). Viva la craftiness!

May is upon us and that means that it has started – the massive influx of birthdays. The year starts nice and slow, and as soon as we hit May, we have my Mum-in-law’s birthday, My Dad-in-law’s birthday, my brother-in-law’s birthday, and then it gets to mid month and its my brother, then my sister at the end.

Luckily my mojo came back in time. Well,,,, almost in time. I did my usual trick of making the cards but not posting them on time. I am notoriously bad at posting cards. I wish there was a rehab for that because i feel so guilty that i dont even want to send the card in the end. 🙁

So here’s a nice little mix of cards that I have made for the Oman clan.

First a card for Craig’s Mum.

Marvellous day

Nice and flowery and springy.

So i have just typed the title of the card into this post and spell check has just informed me that marvellous has two Ls! Oh dear! RUBBISH! I hate it when that happens! Ah well, lets hope she doesn’t notice! LOL

Next up is a card for dad. I saw this Father text as a print on Pinterest and it looks like i didn’t actually pin it to my board so unfortunately i cant link it back. If i find it again I will link it up. I thought it looked really cool. I am planning on making more like this if i can be creative enough to think of character traits.



And of course, a card from Piper for Granda Oman. I used the left over pieces of alpha’s from a previous card that I made for my dad’s birthday in January. The design is basic but I love the finished piece!



Next stop is the cards for little Steven. Steven is much younger than Craig so these are boy cards. I am actually really excited to show these cards to you because Piper was very involved in making these ones! I brought some basic supplies in to the living room and Piper helped me make this card, and then insisted in making a card all by herself! It was so adorable and I sure was one proud mumma! I may have given a little creative direction, but she did all the sticking by herself! 😀

Here’s the card from Craig and I

And here’s is Piper’s finished card


And saving the best til last… look at the concentration

and the HUGE grin! 😀



I love my crafty girl!   xx


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  • Pam May 18, 2013, 2:44 pm

    Welcome back! Piper has gotten so big & cuter than ever!

    • Lesley Oman May 19, 2013, 3:06 pm

      Thanks Pam. xx

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