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Moon & Back Valentine's Card – Spinner Card Video

Hello everyone!

Here is a card that is perfect for the space cadet in your life! – A cute, fun, interactive spinner card, made using a 10p coin and shrink plastic (thats right, i am bringing back shrinkidinks!!) 🙂

I haven’t made a spinner card in ages! i guess it was just serendipitous that someone had left a 10p in their jeans, that fell out on the way to the laundry and rolled under my crafting table, which i then picked up and set beside my craft mat. Inspiration can come from the funniest of places, huh?

For the background i used distress ink in Chipped sapphire, wilted violet and black soot – in a similar way to when i made my ‘Outta this World‘ card a few months back.

Here’s the video….enjoy!

In other news, i am IN LOVE with a new craft. Well, new to me…kinda. Brush Lettering! There are loads of stamps out there that mimic this style, but i have been following some brush letter artists on instagram and have been inspired to give it a go myself. It takes time to get the hang of the brush tip – so different from calligraphy in some ways, but in other ways, it is kinda similar.

Here’s a little sample of something i did last week. Made using Artquest Stargazers watercolours (jewel set), and a water brush on some watercolour paper pad.

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