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Lucky Bunny Valentine's Card – Video

Hello everyone!

V- day is just around the corner, and i have been on a craft overdrive this week, making lots of Valentine’s cards to bring into Craig’s work – so i will have extra videos to share with you guys this week! yeay!

This is a card that i made for my friend Roy to give to his other half– i wanted something that wasn’t too moochy, or very pink!

I made So many whoopsies when making this card – but, like with most things in life, it all worked out in the end! Be sure to watch the video to see how i manage to deal with the mistakes and make them work.

As for me, I am counting down the days until Thursday, when my mummsy and gang come to visit us! There will be 8 of us under one roof – it sure is going to be cosy! but I can’t wait!

Happy crafting, my creative chums!

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