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Hand Lettered Heat Embossing with a Watercolour Background – Valentine's video

Whats this? A mid week post?! goodness me – there must be a disturbance in the force!
Nah, no disturbance, just some extra cards to share this week. 🙂

For the last few weeks i have been playing with my watercolours and practising my hand lettering lettering, using both brushes and pens. I have found some awesome challenges on Instagram which are really inspiring, and help keep the motivation up. If you want to check it out, you can see my feed over at my Instagram page.
I can say that i am now feeling a lot more confident about my hand lettering – and i am really enjoying the journey.

I decided to merge my card making passion with a little hand lettering in this valentine’s card. It’s not really a particularly difficult card, but it gives such a lovely soft result in the end, so i wanted to share it with you. The best part about watercolours is that you don’t need expensive paints to get a lovely result (although i admit that splashing on a little watercolour cardstock will yield the best rewards!

Here’s the video… enjoy… and i might just have another video or two to share before the week is out!

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