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Brush Lettering & Background Stamping {video}

Hello everyone,
I hope you are having a great weekend!
It has been a super busy week this week, especially as we are so close to Princess Pi’s big birthday! I have been on planning-overdrive – between organising treats for Pi to bring to school on Wednesday (her actual birthday), making plans for a family afternoon tea/ picnic after school and of course, getting ready for the party of the year this coming Sunday! Last night i made about 50 cake pops and a batch of Mars bar krispies (although i have NO IDEA how to make sure they don’t get gobbled up before next weekend!)

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Due to the busy, busy week, i am sharing a card that i actually made back in january. It’s a valentines card, so yeahhh, its a little out of season, but the good news is that as always it showcases a technique that could be used for any occasion.

This card started life as a practice piece for my brush lettering! Did i tell you guys that i have kinda fallen in love with watercolours and especially the look of brush lettering! s-i-g-h! love it! So i have been participating in a challenge over on Instagram… here is a peek at some of my work so far. Remember though… just starting out!

Who doesn't love a rainbow? #brushlettering #abcs_2016 #handlettering

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I will let you know now that the video is pretty sped up, as there was a whole lotta stamping for this card, but i love how it turned out. These awesome envelope stamps came from this set from SimonSaysStamp

Enjoy the video, and wish me luck with the rest of the party planning! EEEEK!


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