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Nighttime Snuggle Bunnies With A Light Up Shooting Star!

Happy Sunday everyone! As promised, today I am sharing another card featuring the Chibitronic LEDs – fun little lights that you can incorporate into your cards to make them super special!

This time I used a yellow LED as a shooting star -and these two bunnies from the Mama Elephant Honey Bunny stamp set was the perfect image to set the scene, and the stars are from the Unicorns & Rainbows Stamp set, also from Mama Elephant.

I got down and dirty with my distress ink for this one, but I really enjoy creating night time scenes as I think they look awesome! So at the end of the night when my fingers are black with inkiness – I just remind myself that its all worth it! πŸ™‚

To colour the bunnies I used my distress inks with a water brush to ‘paint’ the image. I love the way this looks on cards -and its a fairly quick process which is an added bonus!

The trickiest part of this card was of course the circuit. It takes a little practice, but I am getting much quicker now, and I have picked up some tricks along the way! πŸ™‚ In this card I used a post it note to create the switch mechanism, and it was much easier than sticking down a piece of paper because i could move it about if i needed to.

I decided to make the button a lot more subtle on this card… no ‘press me’ or ‘push’ buttons at all. Even the LED is fairly subtle… I was thinking that it would be fun to put a message in the inside to make it more obvious – maybe ‘give the bunnies a hug’ or ‘squeeze the bunnies’. That way it would be an even bigger surprise for the recipient!

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the video!

If you like this card, you might want to check out these other cards which also have LEDs in them – I Lava You and Winter Fox. We are off to a May Fair, to have hotdogs, ice-cream and lots of fun! But before I go, I wanted to share a sneaky peeky of a home decor project I am working on. It’s so cute I could scream!! CIAO!

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