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Do you like it? Its a trash bag for the car!

You see, I am a self confessed messy car owner. In fact, my husband would say I am a messy car creator! He is always going on about how my car is full of rubbish. Meh. It doesnt bother me at all. The car is a way to get from A to B, its not like i have an emotional attachment to it. In a bid to try to at least appear more concerned, (and to avoid eye rolls from the hubs) I decided to address the situation. You see, the mess is mostly tissues or receipts or the odd choccy wrapper – just one or two of course. By no means would there ever be a situation where there were several strewn all over the car, evidence of a particularly tough week at work! ahem!

Remember my toy storage box that i made from denim? Well i had so much fun playing with an old pair of Craig’s jeans that i thought i would pull out the remains of denim from the fabric scraps drawer.

The main part of the bag is made using the leg of the jeans, with a square of denim sewn in as a base. I then lined it using this bright funky material. The hardest bit was adding that little tab – there were so many layers of denim that the stitches were a bit wonky at times. I think i need to invest in a thicker needle that will manage denim at bit better.

To use the bin, I have added a zip lock sandwich bag as a liner, so if there is any icky mess it wont damage or stink up the fabric.

While i was happily crafting, i decided to make something to hold some tissues. It makes me cringe when I have bambino in the car then I hear a sneeze from the back seat and there is no tissues within reach! ick!

I made this so it would hold a roll of toilet paper. I removed the inner cardboard tube and then pulled out the tissue from the inside of the roll. Once again the main part of the project was made using denim from a leg of jeans, but with trim at the top. Using this patterned paper I made a drawstring feature so it could gather the fabric up together at the top, but there was also a hole to feed through the tissue.

To make it pretty, I added a fabric flower and a button too.

So now the question is: will my car stay clean? Well, that would be telling wouldn’t it!!



{Side Note: I still have a few Grab Boxes available – see this post for more info)

Are you like me? You know, when you make stuff, maybe even take some photos but then forget to blog it? I am rubbish at sharing everything i make. Self professed rubbishness.

I was flicking though my iPhone photo library and spotted lots of photos of projects which i hadn’t shared. I started making a list. The thing is… I always make lists. Grab a notebook. Make a list. Misplace the notebook. Grab another notebook. Make another list. ad infinitum. 

Time for a change! When i was clearing down the craft room I found this little wooden box. It reminded me of the library card boxes. I took some scrapbook papers and my trimmer and set to work making a pile of little cards to fill the box.

I stuck some washi tape around the box and added some letter stickers. Next I took to my silhouette to make two little divider cards. Yeay! I love it. Now i can jot down each new project on one of the cards and stockpile them at the front, then once i blog it, can move it to the back. (from looking at the photos i have only just realised that i forgot to stick down the middle of the letter E. Ah well, never mind!)

Its even the perfect side to hold my date stamp. SORTED! 🙂


I am always late to the party. So i have absolutely no issue scrapping out of season, and im hoping you wont be adverse to seeing some summery hues in todays blog post.

In the summer we took Piper to the beach for the day. It was her first ever visit, and somehow i had the presence of mind to bring home some sand in a bucket along with a few shells that we collected on the day (Must have been the sea air). My original idea was to put the sand and shells in a mason jar, but then i spied this cool glass jar at Matalan which i thought would be perfect.

Here’s how the finished project looks! I just love the sphere at the top. Feels like a sweetie jar!

I printed some photos and stuck them onto mount board so they were a bit more sturdy, I even stuck them back to back as you can see into the jar from all angles. I also punched a hole at the top of some lolly sticks and hung a pattern paper pennant across the width of the jar. Can you also see those cute washi tape flags (just tape wrapped around cocktail sticks and with a bead on the top).

I wrapped the top with bakers twine to give a pop of colour and i added some tags so i could add a little bit of information to the project. One tag says ‘Piper’s first visit to the beach’ and the circle tag has the date. See..?

I think my favourite thing about this project is the sand. Can you see how glittery it is? Before i poured it into the container i mixed a cup of sand with some gold glamour dust glitter.

I love this stuff. Its so fine and so pretty and has a wicked shine. I always forget about it then when i reuse it, i fall in love with it all over again. What’s more, one little bottle lasts ages! It kinda is magic!

I do wish that the coasts near us did have glittery gold sand all along the beach for real. How cool would that be!